Keeping it Clean at Baby’s First Birthday Party

baby cake covered with 1st birthday party balloonsThe fun of a 1st birthday party is watching the guest of honor smash a birthday cake into their face, hair, and clothing. Cameras are flashing; the family is laughing, all while the baby is reaching for another handful of cake. The audience cheers for the baby to get messier and the more they do it, the happier the crowd.

Have you noticed that everyone wants to hold the baby except when the baby has a diaper full or has birthday cake frosting from head to toe? Dads magically disappear with some project that prevents them from the baby cleanup.  Therefore, it all falls on mom to do the dirty work. Moms now have to struggle to clean the baby, but also keep themselves from getting dirty doing it.

Moms have a change of clothes ready – you are going to get dirty cleaning up that bundle of joy.  Kids squirm, faucets splash, cake frosting, gets everywhere, and just the confines of a bathroom make cleanup a problematic task.

Mothers plan and have extra clothing for the baby, but often forget about themselves. Prepare to have a second shirt or outfit ready for you. This way both mother and child will look their best for the remainder of the party.