Feedback after the party

I have had Dale for two 1st birthday parties. He entertains the kids at all different ages, even adults. He is extremely professional and would recommend him to anybody. Dale’s act is a great way to bring entertainment and fun to your party. The adults were saying how great you were. We are obviously happy since this was the second time we had you at a party.

Kim Katona

Everyone loved the Magical Balloon-dude! The kids still talk about it a month after my daughter’s party! Dale goes way beyond the poodle. He’s just magical! I will use him again.

Karen Lunaburg
Child with balloon hat
Crazy hats happen, and when they do…smiles are plentiful.

Dale is very professional & works great with people of all ages. His balloon making is excellent. Our large balloon is still inflated from our party on April 1st.

Lisa Larkin

Only one word to describe Dale balloon animals “AWESOME”!

Deena Feil

Dale was an amazing entertainment. All of the children were memorized and he captivated the attention of most of the adults too. I would not hesitate to hire Dale again for another event.

Rheanon Gabriel
kids birthday party
Girls love their princesses.

Entertaining personality, good with the kids, funny with the adults! Good show!

Mike Carroll

Dale performed at the birthday party and was highly entertaining. He kept everyone’s attention, kids and adults, alike. He was a great sense of humor. He is very well-skilled in this balloon entertaining.

Vivienne Teodoro

Dale immediately gets to know the group of people he’s entertaining and sets to work. Everyone had a great time from the 10-month-olds to 90 years old. He did something appropriate for all age groups.

Barbra Schuetz

“Man o man. Whoever thought I would get this lucky to find a balloon artist at the last minute to come to my house for my sons birthday party. I’m thinking the economy sucks, everybody needs a little cash. Why not? I’ll have some schmuck come out and blow balloons up and twist them into stuff to amuse the kiddies… Being that I called Dale at the last minute I expected a guy who knew how to twist balloons. I NEVER EXPECTED an artist! Whoever thought a guy could be so good at this? Whoever thought the guy would be that entertaining? WOW! Dale, you are great. You made the party! We’re still talking about you. I wish I had more time to sit and watch you perform. Being the host kept me busy, but seeing what you pulled off, I gotta say THANK YOU! You are the best!”

Paul Collurafici
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