What do you get a 1 year old for a present?

Here is the scenario; your cousin invites you to their child’s first birthday party.  It is going to be this weekend, and you have no idea what to get.  Well, join the club. 

It is a tricky thing, a birthday present.  You never know what the parents are expecting.  Do you buy something for the outside?  Do you get an educational toy?   Do you buy clothes?  Well, all of the above are good ideas.  I usually do the following.

Gender toys really do not matter.  If you have a boy that likes dolls then get the boy a doll.

If you know the child, it is a little bit easier.  Remember, they are just children.  Gender toys really do not matter.  If you have a boy that likes dolls then get the boy a doll.  If the girl likes cars then, by all means, get her cars.  You just never know.  In addition, if you do not feel comfortable getting them those specific things, then do this.  Get the girl a girl car.  I know that one large popular movie has girl cars on it.  For the boy, find a cartoon that has a boy character.

Here are my tips on finding the appropriate gift for the specific child.
  1. Do Not, I repeat, Do Not get anything they can put in their mouths. They are getting teeth, and EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.  No, really, everything.
  2. Take into consideration the living space. You won’t want to get a large toy if the house they’re living in is small.
  3. Ask the parents if they would like something specific for the child. I always do this.  If the parent says he/she is going to need some new summer clothes or bathing suit then wham, your shopping trip is going to be so easy.
  4. Ask the parents again if they want educational toys, something for outside play, or specific movie toys. I have a cousin who just wanted stuff for outside play. Then, another one said that only educational toys were available. I am sorry, but for a one-year-old, everything is educational. (Well, that did not help, now did it?)

I hope this clears up what you should get a 1-year-old for a present.  You have to remember they are little ones.  Everything is new.  Everything is fun. Always ask the mom and dad for ideas as they know the child the best.