1st Birthday Party at the Tinley Park Park District

The Tinley Park Park District offers an excellent alternative for parents looking to have a 1st birthday party other than in their house. If your home is too small for all your guests or you want to avoid hours of cleaning, I recommend the Tinley Park Park District rooms.

Tinley Park Park District Building

I’ve had the opportunity to entertain serval times at this facility, and here are some of the benefits I see.

  1. Large clean room
  2. Has a kitchen so you can reheat food
  3. Great area for kids to run around
  4. Ample parking for guest
  5. The location makes it easy to find
  6. A handicap entrance
  7. Clean bathrooms

A Childs Perspective

I can remember going to birthday parties as a child in halls, banquet rooms, and restaurants, and I loved the facilities that had room for me to run around. For me, it was all about playing with my cousins, goofing around with family, and performing at the Tony Bettenhausen Recreation Center, which has everything a child would want in a party room.

Tinley Park Par Distict Party Room
Brickyard’s room is 2,500 square feet in size and can accommodate up to 120 people.
Tinley Park District Party Room Rental

Parents Perspective

Now that I’m a parent, I see many benefits to the room.  The kitchen makes it convenient for preparing hors d’oeuvres, heating food, or displaying a catered meal on the counter.  From hosting many parties, I know the importance of having counter space for food, gifts, birthday cake, and smash cake.

The benefit of a kitchen in the party room is your family can pitch in to help as there is no kitchen boss kicking people out of the kitchen.

Tinley Park Park District Kitchen Party Room
The brickyard has a full-service kitchen with a separate sink and beverage area.

The accommodating parking makes it easy for you to load in and out while providing parking for all your guests.

My wife and I have had many house parties, and the hassle of cleaning the house in a week and watching it get trashed in hours is depressing. You also don’t have to deal with guests camping out at the house because you can leave and head home when the party ends.

Family Perspective

Video Game

When I attended my 1st birthday party at the park district, it was relaxing.  I had room to interact with family, no couch potatoes hugging the couch, no video games, or a sports fan demanding to have the TV on during the birthday party. The party becomes all about the birthday child and not looking at what they did to the house event.

Entertainers Perspective.

I love it! It’s easy to locate and has plenty of parking. My parents always tell me there is plenty of parking, but the truth is that when you have 50 people coming to your house and another 25 cars on your street, parking is limited.

Tinley Park Park District Parking Lot

The Tinley Park Park District is easy to get in and out of. Kids have room to interact, plenty of space to set up and entertain, and, from a personal point of view, it is a safe environment knowing that this is a secure building with security on site.

Room Rental Information from the Tinley Park Park District Website

All Party Room Rentals Include:

  • Room set up at no additional charge when set up form is filled out and returned ten days before rental.
  • Neutral décor is for easy decoration with table decorations (wall and door decorations are not allowed).
  • Set up is allowed a ½ hour before your rental start time.
  • Choose 5-foot round tables (20 available) or 6-foot rectangular tables, seating 6-8 people per table.
  • 100-cup coffee pots available upon request.
  • Two-hour minimum rental time.


  • Wine and beer may be served, but no hard liquor is permitted.

Bathroom/Changing Table

  • Bathrooms are located outside the Brickyard party room and are handicap accessible.
  • A baby change table is available in the bathrooms

How to Rent a Room:
To rent any of the rooms, please stop at the customer service desk located at the main entrance of the Tony Bettenhausen Recreation Center. Please note the following:

  • Two forms of identification are required to prove Tinley Park-Park District residency: a Driver’s License and a current year’s tax or utility bill.
  • Major credit cards accepted (MasterCard, Discover, Visa).
  • You must complete the rental form and pay before securing the party room.
  • Your rental is not secured until you receive a phone call verifying your request. Please do not send out invitations until you receive confirmation.
  • Clean-up must be accomplished during your scheduled rental.
  • Your guests must remain in your designated room.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a clean room, a location that is easy to find, an accessible parking lot, handicap accessible, a party room with a kitchen, and is perfect for a family whose home cannot accommodate a sizeable 1st birthday party, then I would recommend the Tony Bettenhausen Recreation Center, aka Tinley Park Park District.

1st Birthday Party at the Tinley Park Park District
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