In December, the procrastinating mom starts the quest to hire a kids entertainer for her child’s birthday party. She spends hours researching and contacting entertainers to learn that no one is available in December.

This article will ease your frustrations and show how to overcome the December booking issues and acquire reasonably priced entertainment.

Planning A December Birthday

December is the busiest season for entertainers and the most frustrating for moms looking to book kids’ entertainment for their child’s birthday party. Availability is the biggest issue, as most entertainers have yearly events.

Holiday parties are always the same time and day, making it easy for an event producer to tell entertainers, “same time, same place, next year. Book it.”

Every entertainer has holes in their holiday calendar and will be happy to fill the time slot with a one-hour party and will be open to giving a slight discount to fill the space.

Balloon Entertainer for Kids Birthday Parties

Tips For Hiring An Entertainer

  1. It is best to plan early, like in June, because after the 4th of July is when businesses, cities, and recreation departments start planning their holiday events and booking entertainment.
  2. Avoid planning your birthday party entertainment during the prime times, as mid-morning and evening hours are in high demand and are booked months in advance.
  3. Talk to local venues that are advertising entertainment as entertainers leaving a holiday event would love to do a small party in the same city as their previous event.

Booking entertainment in December is more challenging than most months. One option is to move the party to January when you’re not competing against holiday parties. It’s not a popular choice, but January is less stressful for most people.Finding Holiday Events Near You

I recommend using Google and Facebook to search for holiday events with entertainment in your area. If you find a holiday event on your party’s day, contact the event organizer. Trust me; organizers understand the frustration of planning events. Politely explaining that you are looking to book an entertainer. Would they please share the entertainers’ contact information, as you hope the entertainer might have time to perform at your child’s birthday party after their event?

Hiring An Entertainer For A December Birthday
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Hiring An Entertainer For A December Birthday
This article will ease your frustrations and shows how to overcome the December booking issues and acquire entertainment at a reasonable price.
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